Services & Prices

Services & Prices

Prices shown are for chimneys in 1 or 2 storey buildings within 20 miles of Grimsby

We work south of the river only.


Open Fires - £31.00

These have an open grate set in a tiled, stone or cast iron surround. Not so common now as stoves have taken over in popularity. Most commonly used fuels are coal and logs.


Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves - £41.00

Can be free-standing or fitted into a surround. Have a glass door with either a vertical or horizontal stove pipe fitted to the stove. May have a liner installed in the chimney. 


Gas Fires - £41.00

Gas fire flues need cleaning about every three years. Birds can cause problems nesting in unguarded gas flues. The gas fire must be disconnected before the chimney is swept.


Bio-Mass Boilers - Priced on Survey

Usually installed in commercial or industrial buildings, these burn wood pellets or similar bio-mass fuels.


Oil Fired Boilers - £41.00

These flues can get very sooty if the boiler is not burning correctly, so need doing from time to time, usually when the boiler is serviced. 


Solid Fuel Boilers - £41.00

Free-standing and usually installed in a basement or boiler room, these appliances burn a variety of smokeless solid fuels such as Anthracite or Coke.